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The sweet extract that the grains and water made (now called wort) is pumped into the brew kettle where hops and other various ingredients are added and boiled together.

After several hours of boiling, the wort is cooled and made ready for its special guest of honor... the brewers yeast. The yeast then feasts on all the fermentable sugars and as a by-product, gives off alochol and carbon dioxide.

The brew is then left to ferment for 5-7 days under temperature-controlled conditions. After the fermentation period, it is then filtered to remove the exhausted yeast and other particles that could cloud the beer. The wort has been converted to beer.

The beer is then pumped into our serving kegs, where this wonderful tasting, handcrafted beer can be enjoyed by all.

The brewing process first starts off with the soaking of cracked grains in hot water (which is also known as the mashing process). Doing this allows the starches to be stripped from the grains and converted into fermentable sugars.

At Red Mile Road, We Believe That The Perfect Beer Is Created Through Extensive Knowledge And Years Of Practice. A Lot Of Hard Work And Effort Is Put Into Every Beer We Create. Below Is A Simplified Version Of Our Brewing Process:


Step 1: Mashing

Step 2: Lautering

Step 3: Yeast Addition

Step 4: Fermenting

Step 5: Racking

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